In for The Long Haul

Do you have enough patience to simply keep riding out this pandemic like it may never end?

I hope so, because we are mid summer and around the world Covid 19 continues to bloom instead of fading into a past memory like a good pandemic should. Not to say there is such a thing!

If you watch ten seconds of the daily news you will know today’s Covid numbers because as a world in awe, we nay take our eyes off this car crash as it continues to unfold in front of us.

It builds up this daily downer of sadness, so what can we do to help us stay the course?

Triathletes are the most “plan” driven athletes known to sport so actual planning comes second nature to us veteran swim/bike/runners. So, let us create and apply a good Covid planning strategy that makes sense, will give us results and is most importantly doable in today’s upheaval.

I have for the last 15 years or so and still do, write daily training plans for triathletes of all levels who are training to satisfy their athletic goals whether it be a short first time triathlon or the full on Ironman distance and most would agree following the “plan” is vital to success.

This kind of planning is a “daily” experience that has a start date and an end date which even in these times still makes sense because its in the belly of the training that keeps us on the strait and narrow. We learn and grow from our steady diet of replicated “good mind/body food” found in the plan that feeds us and offers us a road to follow.

All plans need to offer challenges to uptrain the athlete to new levels, be varied enough to work the proper muscles/mental without over doing it, offer rest days so athletic/mental recovery can occur, show able progress in the calendar as justification, just to name a few requirements of a purposeful plan.

A tip: As a coach I must continually evaluate an athletes strengths and weaknesses all through their training process so I can help them succeed to glory!

Identifying ups and downs and how they effect differently from one to the next is important and can be a vital piece of knowledge when trying to keep someone traveling forward without interruption.

A coach knows when a hug is needed or when a short word is best so with a little work we could each take on the “my coach” roll and come up with our own daily training plan that will have a start and finish date that is of course, renewable.

August is almost here so get yourself a calendar and start filling in your training ideas, include all those wish list items that you still never made time for and you will be surprised how quickly it fills. Allow adequate time or if need be, break up one segment over several days if that’s what it needs. You are in control so know yourself and own what really is possible.

I can and have over the years written training plans for impossible schedules. Sometimes it takes a few try’s but anything worth doing, they say!

August 2020 could be with a little “plan” a wonderful month of fun and learning about yourself! What can it hurt!

Be kind to each other out there and remember if you need it, “you must ask”!

Cheers, Coach Paul