The Fall Is About to Descend

Well here we go out of an exceptionally long hot summer and into fall with still as many questions about our health and wellbeing as ever before.

Yes, we absolutely know about social distancing, hand washing, keeping to small groups, even staying within our family bubbles but now we must prepare for the second wave of Covid that is just as deadly as the first.

We know by science that we can by acting properly, and with caution, we can save lives, it is a fact!

Wearing a mask is a no brainer and I am sad that the powers to be did not order it from the beginning, but they must have had their reasons, right or wrong!

This is what we are facing in the world today because there is no “cure” rulebook to follow, even the best in the business are only guessing and trying to make the right call. That lack of confidence trickles down to us and we are surrounded by people who really don’t know what they are talking about but can’t stop talking anyway.

We know by science that wearing a mask slows down the virus, will help keep you and your families safer than without a mask, dah!


There is a lot of confusion in making big decisions like our children going back to school after six months away from the classroom mainly because nobody knows what is going to happen, and that will cause conflict.

Conflict at home, at school, on the bus or even in your gut because the feeling is uneasy!

So, what is the answer?

First off, we need to keep it real and stay calm, so our children keep a sense of stability even when our own footing is worrisome. Do not let them down so that they are fearful of daily life but dish out to them the facts that you believe they should have, not what the guy on the corner is spewing.

Parents must be true and proper parents right now to protect and serve our own younger generation from coming through this disaster in bits.

Covid is hard on us as adults but imagine from the quiet eyes of the children what they now see of their world and how frail it is, where is the safety in that!

Parents need to listen to themselves and think about how they sound to their children.

Is there any reason not to be age appropriate about the facts, when talking about Covid?

Only the facts mam!

This is not a time to relax but you know that, so let us all just keep up the fight and lead by example!

Follow the science seems like a popular slogan these days!

Cheers, Paul