2020 Triathlon Season In Question

The Covid 19 virus has our world turned upside down and as we approach the warmer temperatures, we automatically shift our thoughts to our usual outdoor training but maybe not this year.
I read the Ironman updates several times a week to keep an eye on certain events here in Canada and in Europe and the changes are many. Postponements, cancellations, and rescheduling of races mostly by previously planned dates that are known to be unattainable and from the next level of planning takes over. All of this keeps hundreds even thousands of triathletes who need to train out there in limbo with fingers crossed.
My latest position on it: train with what you have and plan to race until instructed that you cannot. Simple.
Of course, everyone will be second guessing their training this year because of this poor start and who knows what other restrictions may come.
The Quebec Government has moved forward and closed the door on the extremely popular 2020 Mont Tremblant Triathlons which is very costly and a major disappointment for so many athletes.
One deciding factor for this decision was the huge number of triathletes traveling in from all parts of the world which is a no no currently.
Will there be more races rescheduled to 2021 that is yet to be seen because it is a numbers game.
Locally how many are sick with the virus, how many are suspected to have it, how many have been killed by it and how many have been cured. There is still so much unknown about this Coronavirus we are like deer in the headlights waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Here in Ontario we are still under tight rein even though there is talk of loosening the grip just a bit, but we must never lose our safety-first focus.
If that means our racing is sidelined or altered extensively it is what it is just go with it and be safe.
Even if someone in authority chooses to suggest everything is good to go, the harm falls to you if it’s not.
So, give it some thought and make up your own mind about what risks you are willing to take and listen to what your gut is telling you!
Cheers, Coach Paul