2019 Our Indoor Dymond Rides

Wow! Another great indoor riding season is about to begin yahoo!!!

Back inside riding to be stronger for next year!

A big “Thank You” to all of our indoor  riders returning!

Let’s get to it!

Cheers, Paul


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Swimming Better

I hope your summer racing season was awesome but it’s soon time to come back in.

Our fall/winter  advanced swim classes are rolling at the Whitby Rec Centre on Wednesday mornings at 530 am and Thursday evenings at 800 pm.

So if you need to keep in touch with the water post season or you want to improve your swimming fitness, there is still room for you to come out and join in!

Make the best use of your time in the water with a structured swim class.

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Private Swimming Sessions

Over the years I have had many occasions to help let’s say a non-swimmer or close to it, overcome tremendous fears of the water that maybe have been with them since childhood.

They may have buried that “near drowning experience” deep within but the water keeps calling them back and maybe now its time to step up.

These one to one sessions are done at a comfortable rate and are never fearful. It’s important that the swimmer progress at a manageable rate to build the confidence they need to become a triathlete, a long distance swimmer or simply happy back in the water.


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Think you need a coach?

If you are thinking about it you probably do!

I know its hard to approach and even ask about coaching especially when you feel so determined to succeed on your own, but the realities are a good coach will bring you faster and safer from point “A” to point “B” so that your goals are satisfied sooner and new ones can begin.

Full time coaching is key!

When you need your coach, whether for a quick training question or a sit down strategy meeting.  It’s important that you always feel in touch because staying close makes both jobs easier.

Our IM coaching plan is always to have the athlete’s best interest at heart and to coach with honesty and integrity. Your coach must be respectful, smart and understanding to say the least or you won’t have much confidence in him/her.

A coach who has been there, who knows what it takes to succeed, has stayed current out of love for the sport and still has the passion to help others is who you need.


Iron Motivation has you covered.

If you would like to talk about your future as an athlete, triathlete or as a continuing athlete wanting improvements from your usual training,

Please let me know.

I’m always happy to talk about coaching and the great enjoyment it brings me and hopefully to you too!

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