Time Marches On

Months ago, when the Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom of the World Health Organization announced far and wide that this new virus was going to be worse than terrorism, who suspected he would be right!

Little did we know what was really coming our way, how could we?

We have never seen the likes of such sickness and sadness so widespread!

Around the globe, just imagine the distance if you can that this virus has traveled killing thousands, hundreds of thousands, of innocent people.

As of June 18, 2020, 452,850 deaths from around the world have been attributed to the COVID-19 virus, this being the most serious form of its punishment. There have been in addition 8,499,941 confirmed cases in 213 countries and territories and the death toll is still being assessed.

Our lives have changed so much, and the new way of daily living is still unknown because the changes keep coming. We have been months now in a form of serious lock down trying to stay out of harms way, obeying the rules as they bend and flex.

Then we have a hint of possibly relaxing the rules and maybe moving to stage two of our provincial governments recovery plan but we can’t even feel the love for that because we are still very concerned about becoming a virus carrier and bringing it home to our families.

Initially like most I thought there would be a few weeks of turmoil, then it should magically pass, and life would go on, but that sentiment left long ago. Nope these days we are still hoping for the best of a bad deal.

Keep safe and keep your social distancing is now engrained into our brains so deeply its like scaring that will never leave and maybe it must stay, who knows.

On the upside, it looks like here in our area the daily reported new cases are dropping, and the province is on an upswing of granting stage two in most areas outside of the GTA. So brighter days could be ahead.

Lets all keep doing our best to protect ourselves and our families even in the eye of dire economic circumstances, putting anyone at risk of catching COVID-19 is not worth it.

Stay strong and pace yourself because we are not finished in the long run and a possible round two is likely.

If we all listen and do what the rules of safety call for, we can survive and then help bring some of the world we knew, back into our lives and living rooms.

If you need help ask for it no matter what it is, because we are in this together

Cheers, Coach Paul