Look after your health, in the end its more important than your bank account!

How often have you heard the phrase “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”!

Well I can speak for myself who has had a lifetime of great health only to have it slowly taken away and for a couple years was seriously struggling with extreme back pain and a rusty old knee that had blossomed into quite a mess.

Yes after living through this daily uphill battle I feel fully qualified to recognize the symptoms of life changing circumstances brought on by chronic pain.

Chronic pain changes people. I have seen it with others who have lived in my sore life as well. I’m not alone, that I know for sure.

There are thousands of good people who suffer this same never ending pain that makes them short tempered, reclusive, depressed, and every other antisocial symptom imaginable. Chronic pain is a bugger and if you end up with it you are on a journey that needs very careful directional management to find it’s successful departure. Whatever that is!

Mild medication for pain is as common as a rainy day and in most cases is really helpful but like we hear on the news everyday about the ragged opioid crisis at the other end of the spectrum it can become a bigger problem than the initial pain it sought to fight. Painkillers can work but they can kill people too who abuse their use.

I have lived the daily use of this type of medication as my symptoms grew to unbearable levels and with the help of my doctor was able to stay the course and use them until it was time to put them aside. Sound too easy? Surgery was my real pain killer!

From the photo above you can see my bandage I call it. I wore this $1500.00 knee brace for about one year before my surgery and it was a day to day friendly relationship we enjoyed but it was not repairing anything. It wasn’t meant to repair anything just help push the damaged areas away from each other.

Finally, my surgeon after trying all that he could to save my knee, pulled the trigger and ordered my replacement. Surgery all done I was off to physio in a heartbeat and it’s been like a fresh breeze on a hot sticky day. At this time after two years how my daily life is negatively impacted by my artificial knee is zero percent. Knee pain is gone!

Next, my back surgery!
Like my previous surgeon, after x-rays, an MRI, 10 epidural injections with cortisone, after months of treatments had exhausted all our options he two pulled the trigger for the operating table.

He was very confident in his forecasted outcome of my surgery because he knew exactly what he had to do and once it was completed my back pain would be history.

Everyone knows someone with back pain and we all have heard the stories of back operations gone astray so it was with some caution I awaited such a wonderful outcome.

As an example of my pain issues with both of my physical problems that were causing them, my knee that was rotten and needed complete replacement we’ll call that pain a one. My back pain before surgery in comparison was easily a 10, so if the knee was crippling you can understand the trouble in my back was life changing on its own.

To his word, I have not had an ounce of pain in my lower back since the operation that removed a couple of cysts who showed themselves on the MRI’s. He is my hero for sure!

I write this because the loss of your health, whether by your fault or not, is life changing and might change it to something you don’t want but maybe not.

Never give up the search for your healthy body if it is suffering because you just might be given another chance to live it like you stole it!!!

Cheers, Paul

When You Don’t Have Your Health

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