There must be at least some regular R&R built into a person’s life to make the journey even more fascinating because if we work and work and then train with all the time left it won’t be long before something gives.

Most often it’s in the relationship department that suffers and can be serious enough for some that lines are drawn in the sand or we can become so self focused that other very important parts of life will simply pass us by.

If you have it right you will be called ‘well rounded’ or ‘well grounded’ and that’s very good indeed, maybe the best. That’s what we should shoot to be so from the outside looking in we have rocked it!

Unless you get your head up now and then to visit the realities of life besides work and training you should know it maybe dangerous that you can become somewhat reclusive. Even in this modern day society it is pretty easy to become self absorbed and ignore all the noise around us.

Family and friends are the vital roots that help keep our feet firmly down on the ground and without going to these outside distractions (kidding) for a better word “me bad” regularly we would not be ‘well anything’!

Hope you are enjoying the fall training!

Cheers, Paul

There Must Be Some R & R

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