It’s the fall season now after a so so summer with much intermittent rain that just seemed to hang around far too long but don’t get me wrong I still loved the heat!

Fall is an awesome time of the year when we get a hint of what’s ahead but still have time to clean up the leaves and winterize everything outside before anything serious comes to town.

Riding or driving to the north and seeing the trees turn from green to such brilliant colours is a Canadian passage and a right of ours to enjoy from childhood to the end of time. When you think about it there are not many things in life as reliable as that.

Fall also brings the idea that our indoor fitness classes for the upcoming winter months need to get organized and planned out. Like the turtles above it’s time to get inside and allow our minds to be accepting of the cold weather confinement that will surely greet us soon.

During the fall months and training plans I have always suggested to my athletes that this is the time of year to bring it to the weights room at your gym and train like a bodybuilder until the new year.

These transition months are perfect for putting on as much muscle as you can. With few reps and heavy weights you will be on the right path to having a stronger body come the spring. Triathletes need a rest period from their sport for physical and mental reasons or they burnout early so here is the perfect time to become someone else and enjoy the challenge!

Cheers, Paul


The Season Changes and So Do I

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