Here is my awesome 2010 Goldwing!

It was 2011 in the hot August summer, Patty and I embarked on a cross country adventure aboard our motorcycle destined  for Ironman Canada in Penticton BC.

I had athletes competing once again and it was my custom to attend this grand event so this year we would really make it an adventure just getting there.

The plan was to spend three weeks in total, one week out, one week in Penticton, one week to get home and wonderfully that’s pretty much how it went.

I will give you a  small rundown on our bike’s features to let you know how rough we had it as the km’s flew.  Built in GPS, cruise control,  1636 cc , 6 cylinder engine,  abs brakes, stereo sound, adjustable windshield, rear arm rests,  water bottle holders, floorboards, intercom, full face helmets, adjustable ride height, and more and more. Needless to say this was the bike for the job and we were just thrilled to have it.

Patty was a day rider/passenger and up until we left to go across the country she had only spent one full day on the back where she would now live for a full week. We did decide that should she want to fly home from BC that would be an option but wow did she settle in.

I remember the morning we left, no fanfare just Patty and I with the bike well packed, I rolled it out of the garage we hopped on and our adventure began. Of course we let our boys know that mom and dad would be gone on the bike, hopefully for only three weeks.

It seemed like a pipedream for me actually because in all my life of riding motorcycles I have never thought this was even possible but that was until we purchased this bike. This bike opened my mind to two wheeled living on the open road even when the elements would be against us we would be safe.

Patty the trooper was happily installed into her throne behind me and there was still plenty of room between us.  When I imply that she was well taken care of, that’s an understatement. It would prove that the grand rear seating comfort on this bike was far beyond what we expected. Yes!

Crossing into the USA at Sarnia our planned route once on Hwy 90 would take us all the way across the northern USA to Spokane, Washington were we would turn north to return into Canada at British Columbia but night one would be in Muskegon Michigan.

Day two in the early morning, saw us rolling into the line at the local ferry terminal for our crossing of Lake Michigan to land in Milwaukee Minnesota.

It was very windy on the ferry deck!

Landing in Milwaukee we were out on the hwy in minutes and once we escaped the city limits the roadway was fast, easy and the km’s were adding up. I won’t make our crossing so detailed that every stop and go is reported because this will take forever but I will say the days were wonderful. One after another they passed and we were on a trip of a lifetime, we saw, we smelled, we met, we decided, we were amazed, we were pushing the limits, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Who would expect that we two could simply jump on a motorcycle and disappear into the open road of obscurity and the unknown, and making it a success all the way to Penticton BC?

We made it and we loved the journey!

The picture at the top reflects that once we were at the Ironman in Penticton because I’m a Tri Ontario moto race official, I was asked to join the Ironman BC officials riding my bike on the course during the event.

There were a bunch of good reasons (another time) why this worked out so well but for me personally it was when I rode over the top of Richters Pass and had the opportunity to behold the beauty of the countryside. The last time I did that was on my bicycle and because the extreme downhill begins immediately I saw nothing but white knuckles!

We stayed the week in Penticton and had an awesome time. Knowing we had the journey home still to do didn’t seem scary in the least.

What a great everything!

Cheers, Paul













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