Do you have or have you employed a personal trainer to help guide you through all the technical pitfalls a rookie falls into or even as a booster to get you back on the horse so to speak?
Either way I have found my roll as a PTS (personal trainer specialist) to only be limited by the mind. Whether you prefer the local gym, the wide open spaces, the comfort of my studio or even the comfort of your own home, personal training can be anything you need.
Sometimes we need a little help without a lot of questions to get ourselves moving like we know we should but stepping it out into that fitness world is maybe too much in the beginning.
Maybe you choose your way and once the ball begins to roll it’s totally up to you where your comfort level is or used to be because its about change isn’t it.
We want to change our level of fitness maybe because our daily health is now in jeopardy which is serious. Maybe there is a wedding/anniversary/birthday or some other event that you want to appear your best at and you know that time is running out to shape up.
Over the years my coaching and training of athletes, regular mom’s and dad’s, young and older, most often began at the lower levels of fitness and then with proper care would grow to the desired levels depending on their persons goals.
It’s always been a good question when is it that we decided we are now an athlete, not just a gym person but a real athlete.
Of course there is the completion of certain athletic events that gives athlete status right away but I know many others who I would give athlete status to based on their own personal abilities and commitment to working out.
You bring to the table what you have, a good trainer is never judgmental!
A good trainer will always error on the side of caution to keep their athlete safe and sound. Keep a positive attitude and be realistically encouraging so the client is moving forward and happy to do it.
Whether we use soup cans and a chair or bikes and a speedy running track there is such a full range of proper physical opportunities, staying behind just seems wrong.
Here is a thought, what is your posture saying about you!
Cheers, Paul
Personal Training On The Move

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