Is it now time to move inside or is there a last ride still out there beckoning to us to just hang in there and enjoy freezing your butts off!

This ride was last Sunday morning (late October) down at the lakefront in Whitby, on the Waterfront Trail. Christine and I decided to meet up and give her brand new (sort of) tri bike a trial run to see how it preformed.

It’s a bit of a story and I’m sure Christine won’t mind me explaining what happened but it all worked out in the end. She still has a top level tri bike that is battery operated.

Christine and I were looking for the new strapless bento boxes for the top tubes on our bikes to carry cell phones and junk. I searched high and low to find one that would use the two frame bosses (screws on the top tube) which eliminates the straps going under the top tube and looks much cleaner.

No luck, Christine found at the Quebec Garneau store a couple of boxes we could modify so I agreed and she brought them and her bike to my shop.

Here is what it looks like once I removed some of the straps and installed a new bottom into the box. They turned out great and work perfectly.

 This is how it turned out.

While I had Christine’s # 1 race bike in the shop I decided to give it a good look over to make sure it was working properly and had no issues. The bike is about three years old or less and hasn’t been ridden nearly as hard as her previous race bike so it’s virtually like looking at a new bike.

This Garneau is one of their top tri models that includes the new and fantastic electric shifting. Naturally Christine really enjoys the bike and now has it just the way she likes.

While I was inspecting the frame I came across this….

 a crack in the frame just in front of the rear wheel where the chain stay meets the bottom bracket. It was small but under closer inspection it seemed to be traveling which really was a problem.

Long story short D’ornellas was all over it when Garneau requested the frame back based on the photos sent and in pretty short order a brand new, same model, custom painted, Garneau frame arrived back to D’ornellas shop.

Wow it’s a beauty too!

Neil set up a time with Christine to come back in and have a refit and that was that.

So it pays to check your bike over from time to time or even have someone else with an eagle eye do it just on the off chance that your big bike investment is suffering.

Cheers, Paul

Is It Time?

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