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This morning I logged onto my IM website to remove a page (the first time) that is outdated and I was just a little saddened by the task because it would bring an end to one of my annual triathlon courses.

There is no question that this wonderful course had a very long life about 15 yrs. or so and I can’t say the number of times I was so proud of all our new triathletes as they finished their very first/second race.

In the early days we had waiting lists for this 12-week, springtime only beginner triathlon training course that permitted 24 participants in all. One year I even added a 6-week compact version of the course that allowed another 8 newbies to join in.

The first couple of years my training partner was Kelly an awesome Ironman age grouper who I should write about some day and after that it has been Christine ever since, another 10-time Ironman finisher and good friend.

It’s been the low registration for the last 3 offerings that has brought us to finally pull the plug on what a great run has been. In the constantly revolving fitness industry the life expectancy of most specialty courses is only a few years so “Thank You” to Christine for all your help and to all the “Newbie’s” we brought to triathlon life. It’s been a blast!

They say one door closes and another ………! : )


Now, you may have noticed the title of this bog is “Comments 107 and Counting” so let me get to that.

I created my brand new Iron Motivation website (this one) right here with much assistance I might add, and I am in no way an expert on such a task. In fact, most of the time I was holding my breath as I followed instructions on what key to hit next as it all came together.

Never the less I am still a work in progress and will continue because I totally enjoy learning, writing and sharing some of my life’s experiences.

In this site’s initial construction phase there was so much to do and I recall one minor task regarding “Comments” being dealt with, a simple On/Off. Off was chosen because there was already enough stuff on the plate and I could come back to that at another time.

That other time came this morning and I can’t tell you how surprised I was to read up to 107 comments so far that I had no idea were there waiting for me.

My sincere apologies to those who were waiting for a reply and much thanks to all of you who have written such very nice comments generally and specifically about my writings!

Imagine my pleasant surprise when not hearing a word from any readers since I began on this new Iron Motivation website, I suddenly have over 100 comments to soak up and enjoy!

I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to read me and then to comment as well, “Thank You”!

So as my task this morning began as a toil, it ends with much appreciation!

Cheers, Paul

Comments 107 and Counting

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