IM Coaching By The Month

I have written literally thousands of monthly training plans for our athletes and continue writing today because these detailed plans are the root of training properly. Writing monthly, your training plan is always current. Something in your schedule changes I change your plan that day. Your life style changes because of  new work travel, we find and use use local gyms/pools where you are going so you don’t miss any workouts. Life simply gets in the way and we need a rewrite to make your training plan fit daily into your life and not take it over. No problem, there is no busy crazy schedule that I can’t write a training plan for so bring it on and let me show you how it’s done.

You choose where it is you want to be as a competing athlete and I will write the plan to make it happen but not only that. You will completely understand the plan and every turn in it.


Triathlon Training Camps

We began doing IM triathlon training camps for our team in Lake Placid during the late 2000’s and had such a very good run that we brought them up to Mont Tremblant Quebec, to Cleremont  Florida  and of course to the Muskoka landscape working from the Deerhurst Inn.

Camps are fantastic for training because they are very compressed with tons of information that brings everyone up onto a level playing field.

As an IM coach I value the fact that we make every effort to never skip a step or leave a gap in an athletes complicated training plan. So be assured that the knowledge we pass on is complete.

If you have a group of athletes interested in getting together for a training camp winter/spring/summer we have all the tools and the experience needed to make it happen.

I truly enjoy training camps and can assure you that joining in is a great way to bump your training and skills well ahead.

Let us put one together just for you!

TIM Team Iron Motivaton

Team Iron Motivation is an embracing title that I give to all of our IM athletes regardless of which programs or parts of IM they belong to.

Having everyone included is natural and I want everyone to feel like they are part of something really special. We workout together, stand shoulder to shoulder on those rainy or cold days and on the beauty days as well and being part of our team is awesome.

As a team we have all the necessary clothing to look the part as well. Our cycling jackets are to die for!

kos medal


One word, communication!

The ability to communicate well and be able to get your message across as a caring human to your athlete is key and what most athletes long for, from their coach.

They want comfort from a coach at times but will recognize in an instant when be patronized or under coached.

A coach is brought into your inner circle, is your confidant, your trusted guide and always has your best interest at heart.

As good coach my communication skills after 10 years of polishing and using them every single day are at there best ever.

Your Iron Motivation Training

Your Iron Motivation training can begin today.

Whether you live locally to Durham Region in Ontario or the far reaches of the cyber world we can help bring you to your finest athletic fitness of your life.

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