Online Triathlon Coaching (IMOTC)

Online triathlon coaching is certainly not new to the sport and offers some seriously good opportunities for athletes of all levels to progress much faster.

Certified triathlon coaches even though there are more of them now are not always handy, available, or fittingly experienced to look after your inclusive training requirements so spend some time a choose the right one for you.

I began my Ontario Canada triathlon coaches training in 2002 and have kept up my certifications continuously since then. Over the years I progressed though our Ontario coaching system and currently hold for triathlon the NCCP Introduction to Competition certification and like continuing education I have much of my Comp Dev level completed.

If you are truly committed as a coach these never-ending training weekends or more, are not so much of an obstacle but more an opportunity to polish your coaching skills that you have been years proudly building.

As a fulltime triathlon coach, I can say easily that during the last ten years I have created and emailed thousands of monthly training plans to all my athletes with great success.

My monthly training plans were developed with my guiding hand and almost shape themselves with a decade of use and trials. I fine tune everyone to suit my athlete’s needs and to legitimize there propose in that athlete’s athletic progression.

Always have a plan!!!

With all the options we have on the internet today, no matter where you are, online coaching is common and available, and it can be difficult to find a modern-day coach with the experience to help make all your training efforts count.

We use all the social media’s, and Skype, messenger, texting, etc., to bring us as close as face to face can magically be, so your experience with my IM Online Triathlon Coaching (IMOTC) is personal and the best!

A good coach will save you time, drop me a line!!!

Cheers, Paul