OAF – Older Adult Fitness

Soaking up all the goodness and satisfaction of life experiences as an adult is something we want and strive for. Whether it is to conquer the world or to simply carve out a place for ourselves to be in control, safe and sound and living the dream baby.

I know the phrase “Living the Dream” has pretty much worn itself out and is used more often today with tongue in cheek, but in its beginning the words offered adult excitement to actually dream about having a really good living. Dreaming in itself is more child like but daydreaming that’s an adult undertaking full on.

Dreams are for dreamers I have heard it said, so back to the facts of life, the realities, the nuts and bolts that we as humans are destined to follow without cause and the only possible control we have is how quickly our travels are.

What I mean is “your health” and all of us have heard it a 100 times” without it you have nothing”. Especially as we age our health moves more and more from the sidelines to the middle of the field and then begins to stare us in the face.

I have throughout my years of coaching kept in my mind that my current day athlete, the young and strong. The fearless and quick to recover from injury, the  ninja warrior types were not always going to be like that. Nope I was as much looking at today as I was thinking about their tomorrows and how well they would age.

For years I have openly explained to my peeps that I’m thinking about you long term even if you are not, because it’s important to me that once you reach a certain age you must still be able to move freely to live well.

The facts are hard to take in and even when I began older adult training with Can-Fit-Pro 5 years ago, I was in a state of denial because I had no experience with what the ageing process would bring and when it would begin. They seemed to know when that life train was coming into the station and at what time.

Today I am much wiser to the process and using the modern day measurements such as 50 years makes you an older adult, sorry to say but that’s one of the facts I’m talking about. Older Adult Fitness is an amazing process and is openly designed to keep you fit, feeling young and healthy as time moves forward.

I will be writing plenty about OAF through my blog or if you think you need some OAF specific fitness coaching please let me know.

Hence, motion is lotion!

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