My Story

From the beginning and without intention Iron Motivation evolved into a personal fitness and coaching business owned and operated by me, Paul Johnston.

It was back in the mid 90’s when I first began my transition from a recreational hockey/lacrosse player to a triathlete which was no small feat. A lifetime of sprinting the length of the ice or the cement floor of an arena to marathon distance running was very difficult.

In 2000 I raced and completed my first Ironman in Lake Placid and I can tell you that even then triathlon was nothing like it is today, especially Ironman triathlon.

In 2000 triathlon coaches were scarce for non-professionals, but if you knew someone who was an “Ironman”, and they agreed to help guide you that was a big help.

Here is where I have to be careful with “my story” because it does go on and on and I have decided that I would rather blog over time about much of it. So I will refer you to my blog and soon the pieces will come together of our great story.

I will say that I earned my way up in triathlon not only by completing the four Ironman events I entered the last in 2008, but I also began my formal triathlon coaching back in 2002 and hold a current Competition Coach certification, as well as a Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer certification (10 yrs), an NLS lifeguard certification (5 yrs), a Life Coach certification (3 yrs), and of course my yearly First Aid/CPR certification all of which are current.

Back in the day I realized as triathlon grew there was a need in my area for triathlon coaching, and it was only after I had established a following based on my fitness classes that Iron Motivation came to life.

Cheers, Paul


My Vision for Iron Motivation

In the fitness and coaching industry “change” is the lifeblood that keeps it all fresh and away from the humdrum monotony that daily training can invite.

Think about the advancements made in the triathlon world for one sport, over a one year period and then two or over five years or even ten years. It is inevitable that sports that are growing in popularity and already have a large root base.

At Iron Motivation my goal is to walk the line of the new, the current and the proven and to do a great job of it so there is no guessing.

Athletes that I have coached for 10 years or more are very capable and know through our time together that the human body has limits that we push sometimes, but that we can’t hammer it all the time.

Have you ever thought about where you would fit in with this type  formula?

That’s what I do, I have worked this very successful process in various stages of evaluation for over 10 years.  I help you define where you really stand in the order of things to help you speed forward and get to those satisfying goals.

Being lost out there and just guessing will not often result in success so let me say this, you must have a plan!

Whether online or in person!

Cheers, Paul

Meet the Team

2011 Patty In Kitchen

Patty Johnston

Accounts Manager

Patty is my wife and has been my go to person right from the very beginning of Iron Motivation and all of it’s financial needs.

It was clear that I was not the person to handle the fiances because I’m just in my element when I’m coaching and the thought of bills having to be paid just never entered my head. I’m still the same way.

Thankfully Patty runs this part of our operation so I have the freedom I need to focus on what I love, coaching!


Paul Johnston

Owner Iron Motivation

Iron Motivation is a registered trade and the business was registered by me to represent my vision on what I think good quality and exciting athletics are best offered in the form of personal or online coaching. Coaching online has grown and continues in becoming a favorite as our ability to communicate the details improves for everyone.

Always moving forward, motion is the lotion!


Christine Charest

Iron Motivation Coach

Christine is a 10 time Ironman finisher who has well earned the respect of her peers based on her hard work, dedication and commitment to the life style.

She is fully trained and a very important contributor to the operation of  Iron Motivation.

Next Steps…

Have you decided that a good coach is probably worth the investment.

Then it’s easy now.

I will be happy to meet, call, text, whatever your method is and from there the choice is completely up to you.


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