It occurred to me the other day that I had never set out from the beginning of a new year to make the forthcoming new year a “special year” a good year, the whole time!

Now you might say the thought falls under a simple New Years resolution but nope, I think it’s more than that. It’s a challenge of huge proportions because of it’s length and daily prompts that might have different notions.

Can you imagine, one whole year of “good days”!

Ok here is the take on what is a good day, and who decides if it was.

You, meaning me in my case.

It is you that decides if your day was good or not, based on what happened during all or part of it. Some things would maybe be a ten (ouch) and others register a two (easy) but at the end of the day may cancel each other out and the day can be saved as a good one.

Some years ago, you must remember that I’m now in my sixties, I had the occasion to witness and man embroiled in an argument with another, and it was over nothing. Argument done the man was standing close to me in a line, so it was easy for me but a bit brash to ask him if he was having a bad day.

Now I wasn’t being smart with him, it was sincere. I looked right at him when I asked, and he got it right away that I was not trying to add fuel to the fire.

His genuine and surprising answer was “yes and thank you for asking”!

He didn’t tell me anymore information why his day was so distressed, but I got the feeling that the argument just past was only a symptom of his difficulties. I would bet that this man was a decent person who was straining that instant and would bounce right back.

Could he say at the end of the day “it was a good one”. Of course, he could have based on how many positives he took from living it. He met me, and I asked him nicely if he was ok and he thanked me for it which is a positive in my book. It’s how we see the positives or even know where they are that makes or breaks many of our good days.

You, me are in charge most days on how good or not so good they are but life will through you a curve now and then and there will be no mistake that that day sucked in a big way. I mean serious stuff happened that had a whole trickle-down life changing consequence that tipped everything. Thankfully they are rare.

Could a positive come from such a day, absolutely but it might seem very insignificant until further down the line when subconsciously reviewed for it value.

I’m going to try my best because I decided, to have a “good year” not the tire, but a good year all together so my life in my sixties shines even brighter!

Cheers, Paul

2018 Declared A Good Year

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